Annick Yannick Happy New Year 2019

2019 is almost here and we would like it to be like 2018, which was wonderful!

2018 was full of great surprises and results. We were filled with inspiration and good vibes. Things moved pretty fast! But we accomplished and exceeded all the resolutions we had made. That’s why now, at the end of this year, we feel that we had the best year ever and we are already working hard to make sure that next year at this time we will feel the same way!

What 2018 was made of…

Design contests

That was my first resolution of the year: to participate in some design contests. My goal: to be selected among the finalists, so my work could be included in the contests exhibitions and shows.

I participated in three contests and was selected in two of them. But, as I said before, the expectations were exceeded: I won the “Honourable Mention” award by the judges of the International Image Contest, FINI, and I was announced by the International Poster Biennial in Mexico that I had won the 3rd prize in the Category “Social posters”.


Los Andes, one of the most read newspapers in Argentina, began this year by publishing a series of notes on Latin American design. In each one they talked about a country and an emblematic designer. We were very happy to see that we were selected to represent Cuba. You can read the article here.

Cuban Music in Switzerland

Roby is a Zurich-based Cuban musician. I work for him from the beginning of his project “Roby y su mecanica” in 2010, and this year we designed the cover and the launch campaign of his solo album “Mi Locura”, his biggest dream. Now, it is not a dream anymore, so what’s next?

La Clave: This year the latin jazz and salsa band “La Clave” worked on a more professional image and my sister Yannick was in charge of the project.

Workshop at the Cancun Design School

From September to November 2018 we coordinated a workshop conceived for the students of the Anahuac Design Cancun, as part of a joint project with the Swiss company Wickelfisch SA. Details here.

Group exhibition “Diseñadores cubanos & friends” in Havana

On December 7th we presented the group exhibition «Cuban Designers & Friends». As part of our nonprofit project Geo-graficas, we invited 16 designers to feature their works at Fábrica de Arte Cubano, in Havana. Details here.

Roberto Kel Torres

Recently, Roberto Kel Torres, a Berlin-based talented Cuban singer which develop his career in Moscow asked us to create his personal image. The deadline was very short because he was about to release his new single, but the teamwork was just perfect, and we are all very happy with the result.

Happy New Year 2019 !

For all these wonderful projects, we offer you our greatest and most sincere gratitude. We feel honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to work with and interact with you all throughout this year.

We really enjoyed and since 2019 brings with it new opportunities and challenges as well, we look forward to another phenomenal year!

Happy New Year to you, your families, and loved ones!